2021 Price Guidline


While every attempt has been made to accurately depict our images please understand that there may be differences in the appearance between the actual print and the image on your monitor. These differences can be greatly minimized, if not eliminated, by calibration of your monitor to accepted industry standards. Please contact us for futher information.


Our images are produced using the renowned Pentax 6x7 medium format camera system and the Pentax 645Z Digital medium format system.  When we shoot film we prefer using Fuji Velvia film because of its very fine grain structure and richness of color expression.  The film is converted to high resoultion digital files using a Minolta DiMage MultiPro dedicated medium format film scanner. This device is among one of the absolute best film scanners in the profession.  The resulting digital files are  printed using a ZBE Chromira printer. The prints are made on Fuji Crystal Archive Superglosss paper and are developed using the RA4 process. These are not inkjet prints but true photographic prints of exceptional depth and clarity. They are enduring as they are beautiful...they will last a lifetime.

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