Please download and complete our brief STOCK REQUEST.


All of our photography is available as Rights Managed stock images. What this means to you, the licensee, is that a license would be granted for a set period of time, the cost being determined by how the image would be used. Simply put, while we retain full ownership of the Copyright, you are renting the image for a specified duration and use. We follow industry-standard guidelines.


To help you arrive at a price level for a particular usage we suggest that you look at these examples.  A good reference is Pricing Photography, 3rd Edition, by M.Heron and D.MacTavish. And here is an example from The Stock Solution.


Much of our photography is scanned as 16 bit full color files at 3200 ppi. Some are available at 4800 ppi and some have been scanned at 2400 ppi and below. The resultant files are stored as uncompressed TIF files and are suitable for photographic printers that require a resolution of 300dpi. That can be compared to the typical computer screen resolution of only 72dpi! For example, a single medium format 6x7 frame scanned at 2400ppi yields an image file of about 165Mb and has a pixel dimension of 4800x6000 pixels. It can be used to print a 16"x20" true photographic print at 300dpi with breathtaking beauty.


Several criteria will need to be discussed before a license can be granted. For example, these may include but are not limited to, your specific size requirements (you may need smaller or larger than the above), how you intend to use the image (a full page in a magazine for worldwide distribution, a local sales flyer, etc), and the duration of usage. After a price level has been negotiated, an Invoice along with a copy of our Standard Rights Managed License Agreement would be forwarded to you for your review and acceptance. When the signed copies of the License and Invoice have been returned, and your payment has been received by us, the image files will be made available for your use.


Discounts may be given for multiple image uses. If you have a particularly tight budget, please let us know, and we will try to be flexible to accommodate you. Please note that no transaction will be conducted below the minimum licensing fee of $150. Please contact us for complete details.

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