From a conversation with Walter :

"...Heaven, for me, would be a river filled with hungry lunker trout, a fly rod in one hand, a cigar in the other, and my good wife to come home to...well, maybe with a few nice snapshots too!"

"...The universality that transcends language and cultural borders is what I love about this art. Most of my photography is focused on landscapes from around the world, and include some experiments in other genre. Almost all has been photographed in the 6x7 medium format using Pentax equipment. "

"...I appreciate the advantages and tradeoffs between digital and film, but I still prefer the "look" of film. "

"...Since childhood I have been fortunate to be able to devote time playing classical piano and organ: Beethoven, Chopin, and Bach are my heroes."

"...It is crucial that you do not get discouraged. Never give up trying to do your best. We all, each of us, have a purpose and a worth in this world that may not now nor ever really be fully revealed but, every now and then, we may be granted a glimpse of our destiny. I believe that one's life touches so many others in so many ways that removing just one from the Grand Scheme diminishes everyone."

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